At the Airport

At the airport

Crowds of people from all sides that roll the suitcase sounds like constant thunder. A suitcase falls, falls over, there was the short flash. People run from terminal A to terminal B or vice versa. Many fly more often, some to the first Depending on the function of flying, whether on holiday, to the next business appointment. In many faces one sees stress and often intensified by holidaymakers. Is it routine for business flights to radiate a certain degree of relaxation?

But the most beautiful sight at the airport is the reunion. Small dogs and their owners are waiting for the homecomers. The excitement is great. Questions stand in the faces of those waiting: „Has the returnee changed? Is she all right? What kind of stories are told?“ Homemade welcome posters were made to express the joy of special expression. The door is looked at with tension. Dogs are nervously trudging around, the whispering of the collectors and their impatience and joy can be seen. They looks at the clock. Suddenly the door opens and the first people run out and go on unnoticed. The late pickers are rushed, look around. From a distance, a shouting, a joyful waving, a hug, a kiss. „It’s good to have you back!“

writing competition

This month I took part in two writing competitions, after a long time of not taking part, it was time again. Yes, apart from the design, hostesses and where I am still everything, I also manage to give time to my great passion for writing. With the work „Aufbruchtimmung einer Liebe auf Distanz“ I received positive feedback from the publisher himself for the first time. I have adapted this piece in conjunction with Yann Thiersen’s composition „Comptine d’un autre été l’aprés“. For me, this melody symbolizes life and transience equally. Written in figurative and symbolic style, it is about a letter from a warrior in Japan who has to leave his love to go back to war.

The first positive feedback is probably the nicest gift, for a passion that sometimes surprises me from the content of the lyrics, even if I wrote them myself, it is sometimes another world in which I dive.