the frame of luck

How do we define happiness? Happiness is to be healthy, happiness is to grow up in a wealthy home, happiness is all that seems wealthy to you. Happiness is to have enriching conversations and to be offered support.

Some people have a lot of luck and others less. Some people were born with it, others have to work hard for it. Many people who are lucky don’t recognize it anymore and would like to have more of it – for themselves.

If the greatest happiness is health, then it is difficult to build on all the others. Many people forget this and of course spend everything on other happy people. One of the reasons why the gap between rich and poor is widening more and more. It’s a paradoxical dilemma.

Although I have a disability, I’m happy. Since I have to fight for my happiness and I can see the value behind it. Of course, sometimes I wish it was easier to have it, but I would see many things differently. Other people break because they have less luck. But should they be forgotten, ignored, discriminated against?

It’s better to share it!!!