Of life and death


Of life and death

There was chaos at the station. It is a small station and therefore unusual. People were running back and forth. Trains are cancelled. What happened? I also wanted to get the train. Two security guards stood and coordinated the crowd. I asked what happened to him. „Someone threw himself in front of the train,“; he replied. I looked at the cell phone and wanted to cancel the appointment right away. But I remembered at the same moment. Somebody tried to kill himself. „Is he still alive?“; I asked. „I’m just standing around, I don’t know.“

Stigma and discrimination against disability

People with disabilities are increasingly affected by discrimination. Background are stigma, ignorance and power relations. Rarely do social interactions happen. Disability still means having a low value and not being a perfect human being. Hybrid screams it. People with disabilities are a marginalised society and are treated as a minority. What does this mean? Exploitation (especially in sheltered workshops), sorting into special facilities. The situation has changed somewhat since the 2009 Human Rights Convention for Persons with Disabilities, but social conditions remain backward.

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