The one


The one

I saw you – notice you,

Attitude that I looked for,

I was connected to you by the first talk,

Knowing so less about me,

About you,

Restless and unsure am I,

My future open,

Unknown about the goal of life,

Disoriented through shooting stars,

Big bright tail as. a smile,

Behind a surreal shadow,

Connected with eyes that

Shows the inner earth,

Hearts breathing together,

Mind are shared,

Unaware the future.

Also, should we really plan it?

To take the risk of showing emotions,

That never felt before,

When we talk,



Mysterious constellation in one line,

Rotations of time,

Let’s show the deviation.

The sun is waking us,

Whispering of our voices,

Like angels in heaven.

Can that be true?

Feel protected in your arms,

Also, if the war are outside.


The one